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In principle, day trading is getting in and out of the market daily with the intent of getting paid. In practice, it's a lot more fun than that!

  • Day trading has changed my life. I have transitioned from a full-time career in the Australian Army and have now committed to now live and work wherever I choose. Many of you my dream of leaving the nine to five grind and instead living on a laptop, and I can confirm to you that that is 100% possible because; I've done it myself.
  • In the Army we were taught that everything we need to do in life has been done before. All we need to do is find somebody that has successfully achieved what we want to achieve, then copy them with the intent of emulating their success. In my humble opinion, day trading is ridiculously good fun because it is one of the only online business models in the world that involves just one human, and that's you. The better you get, the more money you earn, and the markets turn over billions of US dollars daily! No drop shipping, no affiliates, no landlords, no suppliers, no unpaid invoices, just you, your laptop, and a multibillion-dollar market up for grabs.

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