Funding Partner Application

At Douro Day Trading we simply love assisting our trading family to get funded. The opportunities created by trading get exponentially more exciting as a funded trader and this is exciting for all involved.

Our Funding Partner is in our opinion the best available. Why? Having analyzed the competition, in terms of qualification process, application cost, percentage profit share and industry credibility, we believe we are into a winner.

We have chosen the Trading Pit Team due to the synergies with our own ethos and values. Together, we believe we form a very formidable team. Further, if you can prove you have the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required to be a professional Trader, we would also love for you to be part of our Prop Trading Team. 

Brilliant Funding Flexibility

The Trading Pit offers funding flexibility for even the most gallant of traders. We love the fact that your application fee is refunded the moment you achieve your first payout. The Funding Challenges are also very well designed for use in the Douro Day Trading Live Trading Room.