Live Trading Room Familiarization Video Series and FAQ Library.

At Douro Day Trading we simply love our Live Trading Room and the opportunity that it offers all astute traders. The Live Trading Room is an online environment designed to showcase the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required to be a professional Trader. You will get to work with our seasoned professional trading team as they navigate the markets in real time, hunting high probability Douro Day Trading signals. Make sure to ask questions and learn from the Douro Day Trading Team live in the markets.

The Douro Day Trading Live Trading Room will open each trading day 30 minutes prior to the German FDAX Open commencing. This opening and closing times are subject to change due to daylight savings, so please do confirm your local opening time. The Live Trading Room Moderating Team will typically commence their pre-brief for the session 15 minutes prior to the session starting.

The Live Trading Room will feature four markets, namely the S&P500, NASDAQ, FDAX and FESX, with each typically forming a positive correlation. Please note that the European Open Trading Session typically goes on for 90 minutes after the FDAX has opened for trading.

Live Trading Room Familiarization Video Series

Below is your Live Trading Room Familiarization Video Series. Please note that the video series has been designed to bring you up to date with the cutting-edge Douro Day Trading LTR and what to expect when you log-in and also what to expect throughout the session.

What to expect prior to the European Open?

What to expect prior to the European Open LTR Session and how to prepare for the opening of the session?

What to expect when the European Markets open?

The European Market Open has some key idiosyncrasies that must be understood and mastered through the LTR Sessions.

What to expect after 30 minutes into the session?

The European Markets tend to follow 6 patterns and these patterns have equal influence on the US Markets as well.

What to expect on the hourly turn?

The European Markets typically turns after the first hour of trading offering talented and patient traders the opportunity for some very large target long range reversals.

FDAX Opening and Closing Times

Should you have a question regarding FDAX opening and closing times, public holidays and exchange closed days, you can link to the EUREX Trading Hours here: en/trade/trading-hours


Thank you again for being part of the Douro Day Trading global family.

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