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Congratulations on becoming a member of the Douro Day Trading team

At Douro we are passionate about spreading the virtues of day trading the markets using our strategies and we would like to reward you for being the same. The Refer a Friend Program used by Douro Day Trading is intended to enable eager referrers to earn their Live Trading Room access for free.

For every person you refer to a live trading room or indicator subscription, you will receive a 10% discount on your Live Trading Room access. The more subscribers you refer to Douro Day Trading, the greater the discount you receive.

At Douro Day Trading we epitomize the philosophy of hunting as a pack. We want you to be financially empowered to build your own trading team and hunt every day in the live trading room with your own hand-picked trading family. There are literally billions of dollars up for grabs every day and we want you to derive as much benefit as possible from this enormous opportunity called day trading with Douro Day Trading.

All you need to do is fill in the form below and generate your affiliate link. This link will be joined to your Douro membership. All you then need to do is spread the word regarding the Douro Day Trading live trading room and indicators as far and as wide as you want to. Every person that uses your link to sign up to Douro will be automatically identified as your referral and your discounts commence, it’s that simple.